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Tian X and Ge X, a couple of post-90s couples who have fallen in love since college, are admired by the people around them. They got their marriage license as soon as they graduated this year, but the next thing that happened was that the couple completely collapsed.
Near the wedding, the woman found a lawyer to ask for divorce from Ge X, because she did not like the curtain style and color chosen by her mother-in-law. Such divorce reasons make lawyers and Herons in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region who receive them realize that it is urgent to carry out legal propaganda in the field of marriage.
According to the recent symposium held by the Women's Federation of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on the protection of women's rights and interests, the media learned that the high divorce rate shows prominent characteristics in the field of family and marriage in Xinjiang due to family violence, property division, child rearing, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relations and other reasons. How to deal with marriage and family relations and protect the rights and interests of women and children in "problematic marriage" deserve our attention.
Women propose divorce as a "housekeeping"
In Xinjiang, divorces caused by domestic violence are not rare. Helu said that 20% to 30% of divorce cases were due to domestic violence, while the remaining cases were mainly due to discord between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law and contradictions in daily life. In most divorce cases, the relationship between husband and wife is in a state of reconciliation. If preventive measures are taken beforehand, it will not be a problem to deal with the high divorce rate.
"Two months ago, a woman with a near-collapsed spirit came to my office and began to shed tears before she spoke. Look carefully, this woman is the one I've received before who wants a divorce. And Heron recalled.
"My mother-in-law can't stand taking care of my children and doing housework. When I get together with my colleagues, she's suspicious..." Like the first time, Lu Mou proposed divorce not because of emotional problems, but because of the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. With the patience of Heron, Lu Mou changed from complaining to recalling the beauty of marriage life. Near three days before the court session, the couple filed a withdrawal of the lawsuit together.
In 2015, Pan Xiaoyan, a lawyer member of the National "Two Sessions" and a lawyer from Xinjiang, proposed that women's federation, as the largest group organization of women and children, should start from the source to cope with the high divorce rate. It is necessary to establish professional research institutions and service centers for the protection of women's rights and interests, and to strengthen the protection of women's rights and interests in a targeted manner.
为给妇女提供相应政策及法律服务,2007 年,新疆各地州(市)妇联在自治区妇联的统筹下,设立反家暴庇护所,给有这方面需求的妇女提供临时救济场所,但实际操作起来,却困难重重,运行至今寻求帮助的妇女不超过10名。“我们设立的初衷是希望能保护妇女权益,保住一个完整的家,而她们认为来到这里只能给家庭带来危害,另一半反而会变本加厉,我们还在寻求更好的解决方式。”新疆维吾尔自治区妇联主席哈斯也提·艾力说。
In order to provide women with corresponding policies and legal services, in 2007, the women's federations of all prefectures (cities) in Xinjiang set up anti-domestic violence shelters under the co-ordination of women's federations in autonomous regions to provide temporary relief places for women in need of this aspect. However, in practice, it is difficult to operate, and up to now no more than 10 women have sought help. "Our original intention is to protect women's rights and interests and to maintain a complete family. They think that coming here will only bring harm to the family, but the other half will become worse. We are still looking for better solutions." Hasyeti Aili, chairman of the Women's Federation of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, said.
Relevant officials of the Civil Affairs Department of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region also mentioned that most of the women who asked for divorce may be in a state of emotional excitement at the moment of filing for divorce. Their real purpose is not to make the original complete family fragmented, but to "protect the family", and divorce is only a means of last resort.
For this reason, nearly 30 national 3A-level marriage registration authorities in Xinjiang have set up marriage and family counseling rooms to provide free legal counseling, pre-marital education, emotional counseling and other services for the parties in need. The purpose is to genuinely care about the parties in marriage from the emotional point of view, so as to reduce the occurrence of irrational divorce and promote the harmony of marriage and family.
Collaborative Provision of Rights Defense Services
In order to improve the quality of women's rights protection, the Xinjiang Women's Federation formally established the Association for the Protection of Women's Rights and Interests in the Autonomous Region in May 2007 to solve the most immediate and realistic interests of women and children.
Since 2013, the Association for the Defense of Human Rights has jointly carried out "Women and Law" thematic essay solicitation activities with the Xinjiang Women's Federation and Xinjiang Normal University. Later, members of associations from various departments such as the Department of Public Prosecution and Law have actively participated in the itinerant lecture activities of the Women's Federation of the Autonomous Region on the theme of "building Xinjiang under the rule of law in action", "anti-violence, speaking about the rule of law, speaking about order", etc. Senior lawyers and other members of associations combined with practical cases to explain the case.
Yang Chun, president of the Juvenile Court of Urumqi Intermediate People's Court, mentioned that the Juvenile Court established by the Court is actually the so-called "Family Trial Court", which is called the trial of juvenile criminal and civil cases. In fact, civil compensation for marriage, family, inheritance and so on are involved.
In the special promotional activities of "Comprehensive Governance of Illegal Acts in the Field of Marriage", members of the association took "Comprehensive Governance of Illegal Acts in the Field of Marriage" as the theme of propaganda of the rule of law. In 2014, 33 promotions were held in Kashgar, Hetian, Kezhou and Bazhou to effectively improve the ability of women cadres and masses of all ethnic groups to distinguish right from wrong and resist the infiltration of religious extremist ideas.
During the "March 8th" Human Rights Defense Week and every Tuesday afternoon, expert lawyers are on duty in the reception room of the Women's Federation of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. They are obliged to provide legal services and assistance to petitioners. Since 2013, there have been 189 lawyers on duty and 360 visitors in the reception room.

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