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Introduction: After several years of noisy couples, they finally decided to divorce. The only thing they couldn't talk about was the custody rights of their 5-year-old daughter. Because both sides refused to continue raising their children and remained divorced, they had given birth to a daughter called "Little Devil", which was the result of their mother-in-law's teaching.
Dissatisfied husband does not do housework children thrown to mother-in-law with
The owner of the case, Li Ming (pseudonym), is the only child in his family. After graduation from college, he worked in his father's company and had a good life. He met Wang Fang (a pseudonym) who worked as a salesman in a shopping mall. He liked her gentleness and beauty and pursued her ardently. They began to fall in love. After spending more than half a year together, Wang Fang became pregnant and their parents held a wedding for them in a hurry.
After marriage, the couple lived with Li Ming's parents. Wang Fang was busy doing housework after work, but Li Ming was playing games in front of the computer every day. One day, she couldn't help saying a few words. Li Ming was unhappy. He told Wang Fang that he never did housework at home. Instead of marrying his wife, he had to do housework. They quarreled. Although Mrs. Li Ming persuaded her face to face, she later said that Wang Fang should be virtuous several times.
After her daughter was born, Wang Fang resigned to take care of her children at home. Li Ming still often played and returned late. Wang Fang was very angry about this. Li Ming said that if there was no lack of money in the family, the wife would take care of the children. If there were any other opinions, it would be unreasonable to make trouble, and Wang Fang would not be allowed to interfere in his behavior. Wang Fang also threw her daughter to her mother-in-law. She also found a group of friends to play with, and the couple had a lot of indifference.
Mother-in-law teaches children to scold their mothers and husbands for being derailed.
Daughter more than one year old, began to learn dental language. Once, Wang Fang returned to her mother's house with her child in her arms. Wang Fang's mother teased her granddaughter to say, "I love my mother." Unexpectedly, the child opened her mouth to be a "bad mother." The Wang Fang family was shocked. Wang Fang thought it must be her mother-in-law who deliberately instigated the mother-daughter relationship and immediately called Li Ming to tell her about it. Mother-in-law never talked directly afterwards.
Wang Fang wanted to approach and teach her daughter several times. She found that her daughter didn't pay for it, but she scolded her daughter a little. Her mother-in-law immediately stopped her and slowly connived the child to resist Wang Fang. Because of the sharp family contradictions, Wang Fang often moved back to his mother's house. Li Ming was anxious several times at first, and then gradually did not care. After her daughter went to kindergarten more than three years old, the teacher told Wang Fang several times that the child had a very good temper. When the teacher taught her two sentences, she dared to sit on the ground crying and playing rogue on the spot, hoping that the parents could cooperate with the discipline. Wang Fang was very anxious, but her mother-in-law stood in the way, and she was helpless about her daughter's education.
At the beginning of last year, Wang Fang found two tickets at home. One was Li Ming and the other was obviously a woman. She looked at the time on the ticket and found that her husband said he was going somewhere to attend a friend's wedding, but not the city on the ticket. In Wang Fang's questioning, Li Ming admitted to derailment, and said that his wife did not take children gambling, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law quarreled with him headache, derailment is purely to "find quiet". Wang Fang proposed divorce, Li Ming said no. Wang Fang thought of her daughter and her future life, and endured not to mention it for a while.
Everyone who calls her "Little Devil" takes her as a burden.
Li Ming's "third child" learns that Wang Fang already knows the truth, urges Li Ming to divorce frequently, and explicitly proposes to push the little girl to Wang Fang. Over the past year, the two men have quarreled for divorce countless times, escalating from quarrels to fights, and alarming neighbors.
After quarrelling for half a year, they finally reached an agreement on the division of property, but neither side wanted the child. Li Mingma was reluctant to take her granddaughter with her, while Wang Fang's parents felt that Li's family was too unreasonable to discipline their children properly, and now they are throwing a mess over them. Moreover, it was more difficult for a woman to remarry than for a man to bring another child. "It's just driving people to death," and they refused to take the child with them.
Daughter in kindergarten is called "Little Devil". A few days ago, she lost her temper and punched a pregnant teacher in the stomach. The whole family was frightened by her behavior and lost a lot of money. The kindergarten asked the teacher to drop out of school. Wang Fang admits that both husband and wife are sorry for their daughter, but the current situation is that the daughter has never been close to herself and is still so stubborn. She really does not want to take her daughter with her when she divorces and ask how to solve this problem.
Expert commentary
At present, if divorce is a foregone conclusion, both parties are unwilling to raise their children, so they can resort to the court. The court will consider the financial, moral and living environment of both husband and wife, and appoint one party as the guardian of the child, and make corresponding judgments on the maintenance fee and visitation right of the other party. There are detailed explanations and regulations for such items. The designated guardian shall not prevaricate the court's judgment, otherwise he may be suspected of abandonment. In any case, parents'marriage scars should be avoided as much as possible in front of their children. No amount of maintenance can repair a child's innocence.

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