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On the morning of November 21, the Information Office of the State Council held a meeting between Chinese and foreign journalists. Four representatives of private entrepreneurs were invited to meet and exchange views with Chinese and foreign journalists around "reform and opening up and private economic development".
Regarding the concerns of the outside world about "the progress of the country and the retreat of the people", Lei Jun, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, said that he participated in the private enterprise Symposium of General Secretary Xi Jinping. "After attending the symposium, our hearts were particularly solid and assured, especially Secretary Xi's proposal of"three unchanged". The policy of reform and opening-up remained unchanged, and I was very excited on the spot. After that, many private entrepreneurs exchanged views with each other. Everyone felt that their speeches were timely and reassuring. Especially in today's context of Sino-US trade frictions, confidence is very important. I am full of confidence myself.
Liu Yonghao, chairman of New Hope Group Co., Ltd., said frankly that there were doubts about some private enterprises for some time, because the recent downward economic pattern, rising factors, wages, environmental protection costs in all aspects, and many of our products are surplus, at this time, the price of final products can not rise too much, because there is no market. In this case, there are indeed some people who are arguing whether private enterprises are on the point! At this critical time, General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of speeches give you great confidence.
"I understand that China has state-owned enterprises, and they are very strong now. But there are also private enterprises in China, which are becoming more and more powerful. From the perspective of solving employment and scientific and technological innovation, we believe that China will never change the general pattern of encouraging and supporting the development of private economy. If private enterprises are abolished today, what about so many jobs? This is impossible and unrealistic. So I think private enterprises will continue to progress and develop. Liu Yonghao said.
On November 1, General Secretary Xi Jinping chaired a seminar on private enterprises and delivered a very important speech. Actively responding to social concerns, explaining a series of important theoretical and practical issues on adhering to the basic economic system, and putting forward six policy measures to support the development and growth of private economy, it shows the firm determination and clear attitude of the Party Central Committee to encourage, support and guide the development of non-public economy.
Regarding the importance of state-owned enterprises to be strong and to pay attention to the balance of private enterprises, Nan Cunhui, chairman of Zhengtai Group Co., Ltd., said, "Foreign friends may not understand why they are making state-owned enterprises bigger and private enterprises bigger. In fact, we may not have heard it completely. State-owned enterprises are actually ballast stones for national development. They are very big. They play an important role in some major projects and long-term projects. For example, China's high-speed railway. Private enterprises will not invest before. It will take more than 40 years and 30 years for private enterprises to return investment. Private enterprises are not big enough. At this time, state-owned enterprises play an important role. Now the two high-speed railways in Zhejiang are made by private enterprises in the PPP mode, because you see that high-speed railways are so good business, and shorten the return on investment. Over the past ten or twenty years, the return on investment is recovered. Private enterprises invest together with state-owned enterprises, which is a Chinese characteristic.
"We have great confidence in General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech and in learning a series of important documents, and we never doubt it. Moreover, we believe what the document of the Party Central Committee says and what the central leadership says, from belief to belief, never doubts, so we seize the opportunity. Therefore, when foreign friends and enterprises come to China, we should not doubt that they must seize this opportunity. If you are hesitant, you are looking at people doing, you are retreating, they are entering, the opportunity is taken by others. Nan Cunhui said.
Relevant Reading: Millet is also going to enter the e-book market, so ask Kindle to be flustered.
In recent years, millet in the layout of IoT product matrix is also constantly trying to different product directions, such as home TV, air conditioning and other products because of its high quality and low price characteristics are very popular with consumers.
Today, Li Chuangqi, the senior product director of millet, who has participated in the design of millet boxes, millet laser TV and other products, suddenly bursts out on the social platform that he knows why millet does not produce paper books like kindles: you wait.
If millet really dabbles in the field of e-book, will it have an impact on Kindle, the current e-book brother? It's hard to say that millet may have more advantages in terms of price, but Kindle's rich library is also a huge advantage.
On the other hand, we can also see that registered users who call themselves "millet engineers" confess: millet Kindle-like products have been made samples, which were made a long time ago, but last year, millet focused on the ecological chain and smart home, and this type of products is too small, so it did not invest too much energy.
After millet long-term unremitting efforts, millet IoT product matrix has begun to take shape, followed by market segmentation, focusing on diversified product strategy may become the development direction of millet products next year.

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