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Introduction: Divorce is a common thing nowadays. In fact, there are so many sad and helpless things behind every broken family. When we step on the red carpet hand in hand with our loved ones, when we meet each other in front of friends and relatives for a lifetime, who will think that love will become a memory and promises will vanish... When love dies, how many women are willing to go out of their homes?
In front is the flame.
Behind it is sea water.
My ex-husband and I met at the age of 22, when he was almost 30. He fell in love with me at first sight and immediately began his ardent pursuit. Every day he came to pick me up after work, accompanied me to dinner, shopping, watching movies, and then sent me home. When I was ill, he showed me great care, took me to see a doctor, bought medicine with me, and even cooked soup at home for me to drink. Gradually, I got used to his kindness to me and began to rely on him. A year later, we got married. For several years after our marriage, we had been renting out, and he was still very kind to me. He is a businessman and often goes out of town. But as long as I am free, he will take me with him. If I go to work, he will bring gifts to me every time he comes back. In 2000, when I was pregnant, I moved to his parents'house to live together. He said it would help me take better care of my children and me.
It was during this period that he began to stay out at night, calling either to play cards with friends or to talk about business outside. I didn't care at first. I felt that it was normal for men to entertain and play outside. But slowly he was getting more and more over-reacted, I was pregnant, uncomfortable, he did not ask, sometimes for several days without seeing anyone, asked where he went, he did not say. Faced with him who judges two people, I don't know what to do. After a deep sleep, I finally couldn't help looking through his mobile phone. There were more than a dozen messages signed by Li, which made me like a thunderstorm, calling him husband in the information. I questioned him, and he denied it, saying that it was just a business woman friend. Since then, as long as he wasn't at home, I called him and asked him where he was, and then I went to him with a big stomach. He started playing hide-and-seek with me, either without answering the phone, or without telling me where he was, and then shut down. I went to the hospital in a fit of pique, prepared for an abortion, and was picked up by him and his parents. His parents scolded him, and his response was to go home later and less.
In 2001, my son came to the ground. I think he should have changed when he was born, but the ideal is too beautiful, but the reality is too cruel. He remained indifferent to me. In these days, I go to work, take care of the children, and argue with him endlessly, so that I can not sleep all night, suffering from insomnia. In despair, I filed for divorce. He simply ignored me and started the cold war for two years. In 2003, I applied for a flat and moved out. I usually went to work and picked up my children on weekends. After a year like this, I never let him enter my door. In 2004, he finally agreed to divorce on the condition that I could not claim any property and that the child was brought up by myself. I did not hesitate to sign, in the face of this marriage, I have no nostalgia. Now the children have gone to primary school, as a single mother, every month stretched, the financial pressure is really great. But the child is my only hope, I will educate the child well, let him grow up to be a responsible man.
Emotional comment: Ms. Wang's experience may be a microcosm of many families. People say that marriage is the tomb of love. Hot love will eventually be cooled down by plain life. When her ex-husband evaded her most basic responsibility as a husband, Ms. Wang's resolute departure was to maintain her dignity as a woman.
I am not a tiger.
You are not Wusong
I came to Changsha in 1998. I studied beauty and hairdressing. After opening a few shops in my hometown, I decided to come to Changsha, the capital of the province, to develop. At that time, I opened a barber shop near Nanmen. Because of my good craftsmanship and good imitation of popular things, my business is very good and I can't get busy every day. At this time, the first man in my life appeared. He lived in the street nearby and was a frequent customer in my shop. He often came to sit and talk with me when he had something to do. He also helped me greet the guests when he was busy. He liked each other for a long time. Although he had no job, he had a house in his family, and the family lived on rent. As a woman from other places, I have never had any extravagant expectation of eating by craftsmanship. As long as people are good to me, I will be satisfied. Two years later, we got married and soon I had a beautiful baby. He is the only child at home. His parents dote on him and form the habit of idling around and doing nothing. He also has a group of friends, usually together is drinking, no business at all, I advise him to find a job, or do some business, he disdains, his parents also indulge him, let him go.
Once he was drunk again and came back late at night. I said to him, but I didn't expect him to hit me, and I was bruised all over. I cried all night, but he fell asleep in bed. The next day, I offered to divorce him in front of his parents, but he knelt down in front of me and begged for forgiveness, saying that he was drunk. His parents pleaded for a chance even for the sake of their children. I look at the innocent eyes of the child, heart-to-heart

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