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公司副总80万借腹生子 带走亲生子却成网上逃犯

发布于:2019-02-14 17:49

In the interrogation room, Kejun (pseudonym) was wearing a suit, handcuffs, drooping his head and wearing a tired face. He could not find a trace of the vice president of the enterprise.
"Where is my son, my son?" The only thing he cares about now is his precious son.
Yesterday, the police of Ningbo Daxie Public Security Branch told reporters a farce about borrowing a child from his abdomen, in which the plot was as tortuous as a TV play.
Kejun met a male public relations officer who let his wife sleep with him. He was delighted to have two sons and gave him 800,000 yuan in public relations.
As a result, the child is true and false, he forcibly took his own child, but became an online fugitive.
The vice president of the company suffers from childlessness, and the cousin of male public relations is willing to sleep with him.
Ke Jun, born in Lucheng, Wenzhou, with a bachelor's degree, is now the deputy general manager of a Shanghai shipping company with an annual income of more than 500,000 yuan.
In other people's eyes, he has a successful career, food and clothing, but his heart is very upset.
He said that after more than 10 years of marriage with his wife, his wife could not bear children, and he was still childless at his knees in his late 40s.
One day at the end of 2003, he went to a popular KTV in Wenzhou to relieve his depression and met a man named Luo in Daye City, Hubei Province. Xiao Luo is only 26 years old, Mr. PR of KTV.
After drinking, Kemou complained to Xiao Luoda about his inability to carry on the family line and grieved his parents, feeling inferior to others. Xiao Luo listened and said he was willing to help. A few months later, he came to see him with Xiao Chen, who claimed to be his cousin.
Xiao Chen is 24 years old, from Hunan, and has a beautiful appearance. Kejun liked it very much. Xiao Luo said that he had communicated with his cousin. She was willing to give birth to a son for Ke Junsheng, but needed some money.
In this way, the two sides signed the agreement. As soon as Xiao Luo had time, he sent Xiao Chen to Kejun's room to sleep with her.
The paternity test showed that only one of the two sons was born.
In 2005, Xiao Chen gave birth to a boy for him. He was born in a hospital. When the child came, Kejun was very happy. Xiao Luo took the opportunity to invest in KTV and asked Xiao Chen for 300,000 yuan in front of him. Kejun gave him cash.
After two years, the boy grew up, but he did not look like his father, like his mother. Meanwhile, PR Xiao Luo took Xiao Chen to sleep with him.
On August 10, 2007, Xiao Chen gave birth to another boy named Doudou for Kejun.
Suddenly, Kejun was very satisfied with having two children. He invited Xiao Chen's nanny to take care of both mother and son. Subsequently, it remitted Xiao Chen 500,000 yuan of living expenses by means of transfer.
In 2008, he was vice president of an international shipping company in Shanghai. In order to take care of his son, he brought both boys and nannies to live in Shanghai.
In May 2009, Xiao Chen came to Shanghai to visit his children. Xiao Luo came to Xiao Chen and insisted that she take her eldest son back to Wenzhou.
In a quarrel, Kejun heard a flaw. The relationship between male public relations and Xiao Chen was a husband and wife, which had been registered since 2003. For a moment, he thought of paternity testing.
Identification results: The big boy born in 2005 has no blood relationship with him, and the boy born in 2007 "Doudou" is his biological son!
Xiao Luo returned to Wenzhou with his eldest son. Later, Xiao Chen took the opportunity to take his youngest son away.
He rushed to Hubei and smuggled his son back.
Kejun panicked and the child disappeared. He calls Xiao Chen's cell phone and shuts down the phone. He contacts Xiao Luo, a male public relations officer, and does not answer.
He asked for leave and went to Daye, Hubei Province to look for his son. Finally, I saw my son playing at Xiao Chen's door. So he carried Xiao Chen on his back and took his son back to Shanghai.
This year, he gave his son to his wife in Wenzhou to support him. He often stayed in a hotel room on Daxie Island to avoid Xiao Chen. When Xiao Chen couldn't find the child, he reported to the Daye police that his son had been kidnapped. After being accepted by the local police, he filed a case for kidnapping and listed Kejun as an online fugitive.
In early August, police in Daxie captured Kejun.
"My son is 3 years old, and now his household registration has not been reported. He is still a black household." Kejun said that he would use his own evidence such as paternity testing to prosecute Xiao Chen and male public relations violations such as perjury and false reporting through legal means.
On the afternoon of August 12, Kejun was brought back to Daye by the police of Daye, Hubei Province.
Is it kidnapping to bring back your son?
Is Kejun guilty of kidnapping?
Zhang Zhaosong, a professor at the Law School of Ningbo University, said that although Kejun and Chen's children were born out of wedlock, they also had an obligation to raise them. He did not take them for money or for illegal purposes. Coupled with paternity testing, although brought back by the Daye police, it is difficult to say that Kejun has violated the law.
Zhang Zhaosong said that surrogacy is currently in a "lawless" state in China, which means that the act is not illegal but not protected by law.
On February 20, 2001, the Ministry of Health promulgated the Regulations on the Management of Human Assisted Reproductive Technology, which clearly stipulates that it is strictly prohibited to

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